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Blog   2019-08-30   aogrand   2221   

The glorious spring surrendered to the long hot summer. Recently, mosquitoes are rampant in the evening, especially in the countryside....

Blog   2018-02-03   aogrand   2548   

Mosquito bites are not only uncomfortable, they can potentially spread diseases such as malaria and some types of encephalitis. Effectiv...

Blog   2018-01-30   aogrand   2606   

Long-term mosquito bites can cause poisoning and infectious diseases. Mosquitoes may affect our work and study, also greatly affect our ...

Blog   2018-01-16   aogrand   2166   

Blog   2018-01-10   aogrand   1840   

Blog   2017-12-26   aogrand   2037   

Blog   2017-12-19   aogrand   2441   

Blog   2017-12-15   aogrand   1921   

Blog   2017-12-07   aogrand   2271   

The respiratory system of infants and young children is more fragile, adults smell some mosquito coils not to feel uncomfortable, but th...

Blog   2017-12-01   aogrand   2466   

PrincipleThe principle of solid electric mosquito-repellent incense is to take the insecticide (pyrethrin) into the paper and use the he...

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